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About Unique Business Solutions

  • Unique Business Solutions is a Full-Service Tax & Accounting Firm.

  • We have a staff of 6 that look forward to solving all your business issues.

  • We are not a CPA but are more diversified than most accounting firms.

  • We want to be your one stop spot for all your business needs.

  • We are unique because we are educational, and faith based!

  • Unique Business Solutions is a division of Let God Help Resources, Inc.

  • We are a nonprofit "C" Corporation

  • We are located at 26 Airdrie Drive, Bear, DE  19701

  • Our fax number is 302-832-0910


About Jeanette Waters

Jeanette Waters is the president of Unique Business Solutions and has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Temple University. She has been an accountant for over 45 years 

About the Logo


The Mountains are your business problems.

The 3 people represent where you are on your business journey.

We can help you get to the top and build your foundation strong, so your blessing will come.

The 3 people also represent the trinity and how God is with you every step of the way, no matter what level of life.

The Sun represents the son of God and its presence is forever with you.

Unique Business Solutions Proud Member of:

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