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Education Programs


    Classes prepared and taught with actual programs

                         on the wall via a projector


      We can also provide One-on-One via the Internet


                         at our site or clients site

                       Instructor: Jeanette Waters

                     40 years Accounting Experience

                     40 years Tax Return Experience


Excel Spreadsheet training

Teach you how to work Excel and set up Spreadsheet

Basic Bookkeeping with Excel

Show you how to do books in Excel. You will be given sample worksheets to use for your business.

Basic QuickBooks

Explain check book and how it can be used for all entries for small business

Advanced Bookkeeping in QuickBooks

Explain Financial Reports and General Ledger entries 

Accounts Receivables & Payables in QuickBooks    Explains Receivables and Payables in detail

Personal Tax Return Training

Explains in detail the form 1040 and all the schedules

Financial Awareness 

We will cover: types of businesses, Career Seminar, Investments, Insurance, etc…

CASH to IRS Class 

How to move your Cash Business into an IRS Approved Business. 

Explain all the types of businesses

Closing Year and Prepare Tax Returns

 For Partnership & Subchapter “S” And “C” Corporation

( Call for class times and prices.)

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